Pet of The Month

Do you have an interesting story about how you met your pet?  Can they do unique and fun tricks?  We want to know! Submit your pet’s photo and a short bio with some fun facts about your furry family members and tell us why they should be featured as our next Pet of the Month!

Meet Tlaloc, Our Pet Vets’ May Pet of the Month!


Tlaloc is our May Pet Of The Month and is a regular at our Chula Vista location and gets lots of loves from our staff. Tlaloc is an exotic breed of dog called Xoloitzcuuntli – try saying that five times fast! Xolo (to keep it simple) is better known as a Mexican hairless dog in the United States. Say hi to Tlaloc the next time you’re at our office!

Meet Loki, Our Pet Vets’ April Pet of the Month!


Loki is a mixed breed that came into our Bayside location with multiple health issues including a swollen mouth injury that had turned systemic and went into his spine and infected his whole body.After 3 days on IV antibiotics, loving care from the Dr.’s & staff, and donations from friends (which Our Pet Vets’ was happy to match), Loki is now doing great & will receive the antibiotics for the next 2 months to make sure the infection doesn’t return.
Thank you again to all who helped make this possible for this furry little fella!

Meet Indiana AKA “Indy”, Our Pet Vets’ March Pet of the Month!


In addition to inspiring movies such as 101 Dalmatians, the “Fireman’s Mascot”, & the inspiration for our mural at our South Bay location: Dalmatians are one of the most recognizable breeds! When it’s time for a check up, Indy’s owner Natasha De Vono always brings him to an Our Pet Vet location, which is soon to be our Balboa location. Stop by any one of our four locations and if you “spot” Indy, be sure to say Hi!

Meet Pumpkin, Our Pet Vets’ February Pet of the Month!


It’s February & love is in the air. Pumpkin is a loving 8 year old female Boxer that lives by the Boxer motto, “I’m not old…I’m an experienced puppy!” Pumpkin comes from a 6 generation line of show dogs from South Carolina. When she’s not running with the other dogs at the park or on the beach, Pumpkin’s favorite thing to do is climb up on her owners lap and get belly rubs! As a regular visitor to our Bayside location, Pumpkin is always greeted with a smile & a treat and loves her veterinarian! Happy Valentine’s Day Pumpkin!

Meet Kansas, Our Pet Vets’ January Pet of the Month!


Black Friday is a day of excitement for many Americans because of the amazing deals they get on otherwise expensive items. For 7-year-old retired racing Greyhound, Kansas, Black Friday is more than a big shopping day; it was the day he was adopted into his forever home! Mr. Surber adopted Kansas on Black Friday in 2016 and he’s been enjoying the retired life, doing activities all retired racedogs do: hanging out with other four-legged friends at dog parks, catching some sun at the beach, relaxing with his Dad at home by the pool, and making regular visits to his favorite vet staff at South Bay Veterinary Hospital!

Want your pet to be featured as our next Pet of the Month?  Submit your pet’s photo, along with a short bio, to for consideration.

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