Can My Dog Eat Turkey?

Thanksgiving is the time we celebrate our good fortunes with family and friends at the dinner table with a plethora of food, drinks and dessert. However, many pet owners want to include their four-legged family members in the celebration with a little serving of turkey and cranberry, too. It’s probably best to steer clear of giving your furry friends a plate to avoid unnecessary trips to the vet.

Thanksgiving Foods and Pets

Some of the biggest dangers to your pet during Thanksgiving are various foods that are often associated with the holiday. First of all, it is never okay to give turkey bones to your dog or cat as they can cause choking, obstructions or intestinal damage. Additionally, turkey skin is known to encourage the development of pancreatitis in pets. Other Thanksgiving foods that can be harmful to your pet are listed below:

  • Stuffing
  • Grapes and Raisins
  • Onions
  • Chocolate
  • Alcohol, Coffee and Tea
  • Cookie Dough, Bread Dough and Cake Batter
  • Nuts
  • Spicy and Excessively Greasy Foods

Cleaning Up After Dinner

And don’t forget to take out the trash after dinner! Dogs and cats love the aromas that come from garbage, and they may very well try to tip your trash can over. Unfortunately, many trash items left over from your Thanksgiving meal can be quite harmful to your pet. Some of these items are listed here:

  • Turkey Pop-Up Timers
  • Turkey Strings
  • Turkey Bones
  • Bottle Caps
  • Pop Tabs
  • Six-Pack Beverage Ring Holders
  • Straws

As the Thanksgiving holiday draws near, it is important that you do not forget about pet safety concerns if you have a dog or cat. There are many aspects of Thanksgiving that can be very dangerous to pets, especially the foods you may choose to cook. However, if you follow the valuable tips described above, you can be sure that your pet will be safe during this cherished time of year. Happy Thanksgiving!

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